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Microphone Sound Editing


Jonny has combined a career in arts marketing and broadcasting for the last 10 years. 

A fan of Theatreland, Jonny set up his own online radio show whilst regularly doing production work for the BBC, ITV and the commercial sector.

Most recently he's been producing video content for clients including English Touring Theatre, Sell A Door Theatre Company, Swim Quest and Simon and Schuster.

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Camera Crew


Award winning Film-maker, Producer and Lover of small dogs.


Craig has had great success with his films The Real Badlands (aired on TV in 2009), DARK FILM (hit the 2010 festival circuit) and I Wouldn’t Wish the Eighties on Anyone (exhibited and aired on US TV 2015). He is currently negotiating a distribution deal for his award winning feature film, Once Upon a Time in the Wild which is due for release 2018.


Craig has also produced and directed 10 episodes of the soap opera Persona during its 3rd series run. That year also saw Craig (Along with his partner in crime Jonny) produce his first theatre production, Forever 27, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; receiving 4 star reviews.


Craig also co-founded the Queer as Film Festival, a glamorous merging of comedy, film and booze.

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